Our vision in Europe

Under the motto #orchardseverywhere or #streuobstueberall we inspire the whole of Europe! Because in Germany, Austria, Great Britain, Slovenia, Luxembourg, Switzerland and many other countries there are people with a great passion for orchards. Together we want to show this passion.

Behind the scenes

On the initiative of the ARGE Streuobst and the Umweltdachverband from Austria, the last Friday in April has been declared the "European Orchard Day". Every year, we at Hochstamm Deutschland e.V. fulfil the task of filling the European Orchard Day with blossoming life. We are actively supported by ARGE Streuobst, BirdLife Europe and the UK Orchard Network.

Every year, we call on the European orchard community to organise events in the midst of the blossoms on the European Orchard Day. With every single event we inspire together for our work, the wonderful trees and meadows. We publish the varied programme of Europe-wide events, which everyone can browse and take part in.

Step inside

Be there and enjoy the day - at their home, on an excursion or on holiday. You are cordially invited to be more than just a welcome guest. Join the scattered fruit fan club permanently. The imaginary club contribution is made up individually: Appreciate the scattered fruit meadows, share your knowledge with those around you and reach for scattered fruit products when shopping. Of course, we are especially happy about every new, active commitment. The environment, the cultural world and we thank you!


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